About Us


  • R.T. Hausler Strategic Marketing LLC helps investment managers grow their AUM base and generate new revenue.
  • Our specialized marketing skills help position money managers for success across all sales distribution channels (Institutional, Retail, RIA and HNW direct investors).
  • The firm’s founder, Bob Hausler, is a highly-regarded industry executive with over 35 years of industry experience in CMO-type roles at Oppenheimer Capital, AllianceBernstein and J.P. Morgan.
  • We bring creative, innovative ideas to the table on every client engagement.
  • Our entrepreneurial DNA helps us recognize the cost/benefit tradeoffs of each project within its budget parameters.
  • We produce high-quality deliverables that will meet your highest expectations.


Discuss Needs and Goals -> Research the Facts --> Generate Ideas --> Develop a Plan (Budget/Resource Allocation) --> Review Key Tradeoffs --> Implement Plan --> Assess Quantitative Metrics and Qualitative Results --> Post-mortem Analysis


  • Institutional managers
  • Mutual Fund managers
  • RIAs / Wealth managers
  • Hedge Fund managers
  • Private Equity managers
  • Real Estate (REIT) managers
  • ETF sponsors  
  • CTAs


  • Marketing Plans
  • Distribution Campaigns
  • Thought-leadership Content Origination (White papers)
  • Communication Materials
  • Websites
  • SEO /Digital Media 
  • Event Presentations
  • National Account Value Added Programs / Meetings
  • Peer Group Competitive Analysis
  • Product Assessment / Launches  
  • Advocacy Campaigns


Bob Hausler is an accomplished asset management and financial services marketing executive with a proven track record of success.  A creative and conceptual idea generator, Bob’s past industry experience has provided him with a thorough understanding of the asset management marketplace spanning the Institutional, Retail, RIA and HNW private client channels.

During the course of his career, Bob can be linked to more than $45 billion in new AUM raised for investment products that he directly managed/supervised.

Career Profile and Accomplishments

With a thoughtful and insightful approach, Bob has helped firms target key distribution channels to successfully build market share and grow AUM.

  • Launched successful, multi-billion dollar new-product and sales campaigns
  • Created high-quality, research-driven thought-leadership marketing materials to enhance branding and positioning with key target audiences
  • Optimized marketing budgets to reduce costs and generate higher ROI on sales/marketing activities
  • Designed leadership and developmental training programs for executive, marketing and sales teams
  • Boosted productivity and captured metrics on key marketing activities to achieve “best-practice” industry standards
  • Developed digital marketing strategies including website design/content, SEO projects, reputation defense and other social media initiatives

Bob earned a B.S. degree in Finance from Syracuse University, and is also a Chaminade High School (Mineola, Long Island) alum. He and his wife of 30 years Marybeth are long-time residents of Franklin Lakes, NJ where they raised their 3 children.


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